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    Alyssa Cora Harper [APP]



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    Alyssa Cora Harper [APP]

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    Name: Alyssa Cora Harper
    Age: 23
    Image Appearance:

    (Whoops. I have to change her outfit.)
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 116 lbs

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Country: Classical
    Occupation: Innkeeper
    Group: N/A
    Personality: Alyssa is pretty much the embodiment of the Classical citizen; two-faced, proud and extremely well-mannered. She isn't fond of others, especially not strangers, and tries to keep to herself when she can. When socializing is unavoidable, she holds her head high, stands straight and plasters on a fake smile. Out of public eye, she's revealed to be a rather submissive but impatient woman.

    Alone time
    Going for a stroll
    'Cheery' musical pieces

    Bright lights
    Hot weather
    Corsets tied tighter than usual

    Background: Due to her unusual appearance, Alyssa had spent most of her childhood cooped up in her small, middle class home. She would play her instrument hours on end until the few songs she had were playable by memory. As she grew older, she strived to learn new songs but, with her father's failing health and her siblings being too young to help out, had to take on the role of innkeeper instead. However, this has not stopped her from going in the back on her freetime to practice new pieces.

    Instrument: Oboe (Illusionary)
    Strengths: Because of its pitch, it is easily heard over other instruments and makes for a fun tool to annoy neighbors. The oboe has also given Alyssa a mighty strong jaw (the reed is killer on your mouth/lips/jaw/face muscles |: ) and great control on her airflow due to constant practice.
    Weaknesses: The double reed can be your friend and your worst enemy; Extreme temperatures can render it useless and chipping it could ultimately ruin the song with squeaky notes. Alyssa's poor eyesight sometimes makes it difficult for her to read the music, especially if the notes are written small, so she occasionally blurts out the wrong notes. Much to her frustration.

    Anything Else: Her siblings are often victims of light (harmless but a tad scary) illusions when they begin to shrug off their responsibilities.

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    Re: Alyssa Cora Harper [APP]

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