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    Michelle Crawford [APP]


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    Michelle Crawford [APP]

    Post  Caterpillars on Thu Jun 16, 2011 2:52 pm

    Name: Michelle "Macchiato" Crawford

    Age: 23

    Image Appearance:

    Height: 5'8" ft (5'9" with boots)

    Weight: 123 lbs

    Hair color: Caramel Blonde

    Eye color: Light Brown

    Clothing: Freaky swirly colorful patterned dress, headband, and white gogo boots.

    Other aspects: NOPE.

    Skin: Uhm... olive??? (idk how to describe it )

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: "Either way, it's cool, my sister or brotha'!" (Pansexual)

    Country: Techno (Disco)

    Occupation: Runs a local roller disco.

    Group: (empty until assigned if ever)

    Personality: Michelle is a woman whom lives life to it's fullest, playing her music loud whenever she pleases and tends to do whatever she wants to. Because her family was mostly made up of hippies, she's extremely chill almost all the time, and it's really difficult to irritate her. She has little to no prejudice of many of the other nations, and would rather not fight with them. But she definitely dislikes the current monarchy and tends to crack harmless jokes about them, but not much more then that.

    Likes: Bright clothes, rollerskating, loud music, partying in general

    Dislikes: Being stuck at home, most slow music, being lectured, paperwork, complicated things

    Background: Michelle was born into a family of chilled out hippies who did not care at all about politics and rarely participated in it. Because of which, Michelle grew up free of any knowledge of the current political situation. Her childhood was (what her parents considered anywho) normal. When she was about six, she learned about the wonders of disco and got her first instrument: the electric bass. She soon learned how to play many songs and eventually left home at eighteen after having graduated from high school. She worked at instrument stores and made enough money to finally rent out a large enough building to create her dream roller disco at the age of 21.

    Unfortunately, she had to go through so many papers and grew so frustrated many times and eventually became resentful of the current government and how complicated it was. (Silly reason, is it not?) Even though it was difficult, she finally managed to open shop and now spends most of her days managing her roller disco in peace.

    Instrument(+ what it does): Electric Bass, and it uses illusionary attacks. Because Michelle prefers to not fight, she typically simply knocks out her attacker and runs. But if it's a fight they must have, then she creates illusions to distract her enemy and then uses normal physical attacks like kicking and punching, because that's all she has. Her illusions are typically scarily bright lights that blind people temporarily and mesmerizing colorful swirls. (I AM HORRIBLE AT DESCRIBING THINGS, EXCUSE ME)

    Strengths: She's a smooth talker who is relaxed all the time, so she can talk herself out of a lot of things and remain calm under many circumstances. She's pretty good at resisting illusion attacks, but still has the potential to fall victim to them.

    Weaknesses: One problem with being relaxed all the time is that she doesn't seem to register how serious a situation is until it's probably too late, as well as she takes little to nothing seriously. Michelle depends quite a bit on her illusion attacks and is not very good at defending herself from regular physical attacks.

    Anything Else: She got her nickname from her parents because of her hair color & eye color. (SHUT UP, I LIKE COFFEE)

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    Re: Michelle Crawford [APP]

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