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    The instrument a person receives works as an all purpose tool in a way. It's original form is of a normal instrument, but it will be whatever they need it to be based on what they are, who they are, and their role. There are three forms instruments can come in. Physical, Illusionary, and Meta-Physical.


    Instruments that are physical are fairly basic to figure out. An instrument that is one thing, will change into another. For example, a banjo could change itself into a sword and shield. The shield being the body of the banjo, and the neck of it being the sword or sword handle, etc. It stays as a physical object capable of causing physical damage.


    Again, probably obviously, illusionary instruments have the ability to create illusions. The music they play puts the people who can hear it into a light or heavy hypnotic state where they can see what the player intends for them to see. It can put them into a total unconscious state to create the illusion or create an optional illusion of the close by area.


    A category unheard of except in recent years, metaphysical was created by techno users. With the use of technology they combined the illusion and physical together. It's considered the most dangerous out of either because illusions that were false become real. However, meta-physical instruments cannot be considered an illusion since it is a real solid object, but what's unique is that it's a hologram. The hologram is created by the technology that's come around, and the user to create an instrument with the hologram if their instrument would otherwise be too large to just carry around(I.E. pianos, tubas, etc. BIG instruments). Meta-physical also allows for instruments that are small, to instead of being holograms, create them. All that's required for either is a small drive that looks like a USB like drive to activate whatever it is. When it creates a holographic instrument all that's required is the drive, and when an instrument is going to make hologram images the drive is connected to the instruments core. Because of how widespread techno region technology has become, and its popularity, the meta-physical instruments have dominated the industry.

    Of course, that's not all there is to it.

    How Instruments are Selected:

    While in infancy, the child is taken to one of many grand instrument shops, and there picks out what they are to play and use. It is assumed the child knows what they will come to love, and no matter how odd or confusing it is, they are allowed to have it and it is respected for the most part, even if it is not one of the instruments of the families traditional style. Due to the somewhat building nationalism, in the last fifty or so years, regions have tried to lower and make instruments in the shops only of their class.

    The instrument the child picks stays with them for the rest of their life, and for the most part people don’t learn a second instrument or even tasks or performances outside of what their job is. Those few that can pick up second instruments, and even rarer third instruments, normally succeeded in life spectacularly. Even those who manage to learn to do more than just the basic tasks they’re required tend to be higher up in the economic food chain. However, this is not the case for the majority of the people, who have one job, and know only what they have to do.

    What purpose Instruments serve:

    Instruments are used in everyday lives for everyday purposes and for job tasks. They have a mystical yet not quite powerfully magical ability to themselves. It is an alternate reality completely unattached to earth, so nothing on earth is quite the same. Excusing Techno region, most areas still use animals such as horses for transportation.

    Instruments are, however, used in jobs. Depending on the job depends on what the purpose of the instrument is, and how it is used. A baker with a physical instrument could have a flute that turns into his utensils for cooking that he then uses, while an entertainer with a illusionary instrument with a drum could create TV like stories for people to experience. Meta-physical instruments tends to be for various physical labor (construction, etc), to make it easier, or kept for military use (plus those who are trouble makers).

    Although, every baker does not have a flute, and every entertainer does not have a drum. Every person has to come up with their own unique style, even if influenced and taught by others, for their own situation. They have to figure out how to get done with their instrument what they need to, depending on what they do, or what they should do because of what their instrument allows them to do. Every instrument is unique and will become whatever its owner makes of it.

    Learning to Use an Instrument:

    A child generally starts to use an instrument from birth. It is possibly the most obnoxious thing ever since obviously babies cannot play an instrument. Since they are immersed in it since that age, children do advance faster than a normal kid otherwise would. When they turn six they would begin schooling, and would go through various levels until they hit 17, and afterwards would have to decide what they want to do and specifically go to a school for that. Normally people finish schooling around 23-24, but there are plenty of drop-outs doing daily plain jobs with the basic knowledge they get. Schooling prices and whether its free or not depends on each region. Classical and Blues allow for free schooling for all the years, while Rock and Techno require payments after 17, and Country requires fee's after 14.

    Elemental aspect of Instruments:

    Instruments also come with a sort of elemental ability. Normally a player wouldn't find this to be very important (it's more equivalent to say, your horoscope). While it can serve for menial tasks in the house (fire types could light candles from afar, washing dishes with as a water type would probably be easy, etc.) it also serves as a basic defense ability for safety. Kids in the city probably would learn to do a small attack for the sake of safety around the block, and such.

    However, those who have physical weapons tend to be the weakest and worst at controlling elements to the point where it's pointless for them, but those with illusionary find them highly useful. Meta-physical that lean towards physical use tend of their weapon to not be the greatest at managing an element, unless it's lightning.

    Elemental ability is inherit to the person, and is part of what people believe makes a child choose what their instrument is. Normally the element of an instrument depends on the class is. Woodwinds would obviously be wind, brass and other metal based instruments are water, percussion instruments are earth, and strings tend to be fire. However, due to the change in instruments from the usual symphony instruments in classical music, musical instruments outside classical instruments (I.E. guitars, basses, etc) tend to change between users. Techno users don't tend to use any original instruments/tools and depend on technology so much that the majority have created a new element, which is lightning/electricity.

    Who uses what category of Instrument:

    Again, all instruments are unique to their users. However, certain regions are more partial to certain types than others are. Both Classical, and Blues are all partial to physical instruments, simply because they are older and it is tradition for them to have them. Because of the changing times though, the younger generation of Classical and such children are interested in meta-physical. Country and Rock had been fonder of illusionary, but meta-physical also has invaded their regions. Country for the sake of the work that can be done with them, and rock because of all the subcategories created by it. Any instrument that is only physical or illusionary can become meta-physical with a trip to the Techno region and giving it over to a instrument repair-man.

    When it comes to Jobs and Instruments:

    Please pick something logical. Not everyone has to be a fighter, and for the most part people aren’t. People that aren’t that become fighters will have to struggle and learn the musical pieces required to take their mundane, plain instruments for simple work and turn them into some weapon. What pieces of music people play specifically decides what actions their instruments do. This includes what it is, and what it is capable of. So, if you are a banker…you are not going to have some insane weapon. You are probably going to have something related to your job. For the love of God, be intelligent, and be appropriate.

    Fighting with Instruments:

    Depending on the type of instrument, fighting can be simple or incredibly complicated (at least in a RP setting).

    You have the basic facts that physical types cause physical damage, the illusionary cause mental, and the meta-physical also causes physical damage. They can only do damage as such.

    When two of the same styles meet it comes down to whoever is more skilled and more precise with their particular style. If one song is more complicated than another, one player is more knowledgeable and such then they’ll probably know how to use their own ability better and win. However, this is slightly more complicated in the RP, but it’ll come down to who can back the other person into a corner with no more moves.

    Physical weapons are basic fighting. Sword against sword, etc, etc. It’s the easiest to figure out. Slice and dice em’.

    Illusionary weapons are possibly the most complicated. They have a large variety of choices to what they can do. They can put a person into a unconscious state and lock them into a temporary nightmare, could create a false surrounding to trick the opponent, or anything in between. The player has total creative opportunities to create whatever they can imagine and make it seem real. It’s weakness is that nothing is real, and if someone’s mental capacity is more than the strength of the illusion it probably won’t work. Some illusions can be as strong as putting someone to sleep in an almost “inception” like state, for example, while others can be as light as making a fake weapon seem to fly at the opponent. However, once the person learns they’re in an illusion, the effects all seem to fade away unless they are confused on whether or not it really is an illusion.

    Because illusionary weapons are honestly weak in fights after someone realizes they’re fighting someone using illusions, illusionary users are strong in being able to control whichever their element is almost naturally. They can’t create natural disasters or anything of the like, but because they can use the element of their choice, as long as some of it’s around then they have a way to continue fighting after the illusion breaks. The element does have to be around, it cannot simply be created from scratch. Water cannot appear from no where and neither can fire, nor can earth show up in the middle of an ocean, etc.

    Meta-physical is the easiest weapon to carry, and is the most popular with anyone who has any intention to fight. While Physical and Illusionary tend to just use the instrument straight up, meta-physical often involves technology with it. This is why it started out with techno users but slow has spread out. Anyone with any sort of music technology, whether it be a mp3 device or such, probably has a metaphysical, should they be able to combine that with their instrument. The ability for the user to make a live, solid hologram out of whatever they can think of (although the bigger it is, normally the less strength it has), is a heads up above most other techniques. It means that they can fight long distance with what would otherwise probably be a short distance weapon.

    Each user only has the songs they have memorized at their full body access when it comes to fighting normally. Most battles would occur in the same areas that would happen in a normal universe. So, you wouldn't have access to sheet music or anything like that. You also probably would look incredibly incompetent in a job if you had to look at sheet music. Looking at sheet music is equal to looking at an instruction manual essentially. You don't need it if you actually know what you're doing.

    Otherwise fighting is the same as it would be anywhere else. When different classes of weapons clash against each other, some have the upper hand, as will be discussed in strengths, but strategy is always more of a factor…especially in RP.

    Instrument Strengths:

    Strength in an instrument depends on a few variables. First off, there is the type of instrument. Instruments that are unique tend to have more unique skills that are harder to master, and thusly are more rewarding. That is to say, someone who plays the piccolo is probably going to have higher strength than someone who plays piano, someone who plays bass is more likely to have strength than someone who plays guitar, etc. Having a conductors wand for an instrument is almost unheard of, and anyone found with one immediately is taken in to be groomed to become a symphony leader for wartime. In addition, whether it’s physical, illusionary, or meta-physical depends as well. Physical is the easiest to learn, while meta-physical is the second hardest, and illusionary is the most difficult.

    Strength also depends on how much music the player has memorized. The more they know, the more versatility they have, and thusly the more abilities since songs decide on what actions the instruments take. If someone only knows two or three songs to get them through their job, they are going to be less capable than someone who has learned lots of songs. The difficulty of the song also matters, as obviously playing something by Beethoven would be stronger than “Hot Cross Buns”. Only the select high educated few can write music that is more successful at doing something that has already been done. Those who can come up with their own music are equal to someone with a masters degree. They exist, but compared to those with bachelors, etc, they are the minority. The ability to even edit music gives someone an edge in any field, since it makes them unique and not a total clone of something else. Most people, even if unable to successfully write their own, have the ability to edit and make changes to songs.

    Also, again, please be realistic with strengths. Think a little bit. A child is probably not going to have much skill, and anyone under 25 would probably be in some sort of college-esque setting where they’re still learning the fine tunings of what they’re doing. If you want to make someone who is really good at something, like, amazingly so, don’t make them young. There are exceptions, but there are not many.

    Instrument Weaknesses:

    The weakness of the instrument is basically the opposite of all the information in strength. When it comes to the category of instrument, it gets a bit different though. Despite being the simplest and most convenient, meta-physical is somewhat weak in a fight. A skilled physical wielder can overrule a meta-physical weapon due to the strengths the meta-physical weapon has to give up to combine the two opposite components. So, should two people be evenly matched, as long as the physical player knows what they’re doing…. Meta-physical < Physical. Illusionary is also stronger than meta-physical with illusions, but it lacks the ability to essentially create the live working solid holograms that the meta-physical can, and that leaves them vulnerable to lose unless they play their cards very smartly.

    What instruments go to what regions:

    Just think about this one. Rock instruments go with the Rock region, and classical instruments go with the Classical region. It’s not overly hard to figure out. Google it if you aren’t sure what yours falls under.

    Other Important Facts:

    Singing does not count as an instrument/real musical ability. Everyone is taught to sing, and those who are tone-deaf when it comes to singing are considered somewhat disabled compared to the average persons musical capacity. However, the most common sort of second “instrument” someone may pick up is a microphone, but its not really counted as an instrument as far as pretty much everyone is concerned. So, do not put singing down as their musical choice. Very few give up their instrument and only use a microphone, because pretty much anyone can use a microphone. It’s not unique, is basic to master, and almost everyone has had some experience with it.

    As stated, the more irregular the instrument, the better the person probably is. Please, I will ask, that since I know the majority of this group, that you do not go out and find a sort of random aboriginal instrument for the pure sake of being a pretty unique snowflake. Have something that matches your character, and be aware this is majorly based on western music because that’s what I know about, and is what I’m interested in. I was going to make a comic out of this, which is also why it’s this way. So, make instruments relevant to who you are.

    Because I feel like I didn’t know where to add this or how to make this clear…instruments basically can transform…at least with physical and meta-physical. It just depends on the intent of the player. It is not /easy/ to make it change from what someone probably used it for it’s whole life to something else. People get stuck in their ways and their routines because learning new music is not easy and it’s difficult to master. If you screw up a song while performing your job it could ruin what you were making, and thusly cost you money. So, people stick to what they’ve learned and play it safe for the most part.

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