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    Member Mixer and Summer


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    Member Mixer and Summer

    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:32 am

    I know not everyone is very active because it's not quite summer time for some of you, and there are obviously other RP's and such to attend to. However, as soon as everyone get apps in order I'm hoping that I can approve everyone and then we can get to roleplaying.

    Sometimes people feel shy interacting with new members and are nervous, so I'll offer this. A member mixer! Once everyone's apps are in I'll randomly pair up people and pick someone to start a thread wherever they please. That way there's automatic icebreakers.

    I'll only do the mixer if there continues to be a lack of topic starting or a lot of topic starting and not a lot of joining. Right now we only seem to have one or so thread in play and four or so approved characters. Hopefully that'll change soon, and this can get rolling!

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