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    The Nations

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    Within the content there are five major regions. While Classical oversee's all of them as ruler and the Classical Empire, each has it's own autonomous rule. All are unique to themselves, and even have groups within them that are branches off of their original genre. Withing the genre's are sub-categories that have a smaller percentage of people.


    The government running the place is the Classical empire, and is run by 50% royalty and 50% parliament. It is supposed to be balanced, and should the two halves not be able to come to an agreement or compromise then a public poll vote goes out for the general population to decide on. There has been corruption at times, but at the moment it seems to be fair.

    The trouble that seems to be occurring in recent times is police brutality and unfairness due to paranoia over safety in the current region. The police tend to pull people away without informing them of what they're guilty of, and may never return them...dead or alive. Because of autonomy, each region has its own police, but all must fall back under the overall rule of classical police headquarters.


    History: They've been around since the beginning of time, and is the acknowledged origin of all music. Because of of this they grew largest and have stayed in power for thousands of years. While they had gone to war once over having to give up land, they've otherwise managed to keep peace in the land. Despite having the war with the Blues region, the two are quite close because they married to end it. With everyone else, they aren't as fond.

    Sub-categories: Quartets (of any sort, string, singing, etc.)

    Allies: Blues
    Enemies: Rock, Techno
    Neutral: Country

    About the Nation: The Classical region greatly enjoys how long they've been around. They are very proud of who they are, and that they've essentially created everything that has come about. They are normally very polite and formal towards strangers despite the ego, and follow a strict code of mannerisms. However, because of Rock and Techno being so opposite to everything they believe, they're passive aggressive against them.

    Their view on music is that it shouldn't be changed, and because of that they've been falling behind greatly in almost all sorts of economic and social scales. Their population is shrinking, and as their power remains great it causes some tension among other groups. Most Classicalists aren't bothered by how small they're becoming and just think of themselves as the elite, but others feel threatened and angry.

    Typical Clothing:

    Something from the middle ages, think cliche gowns and outfits in history movies. Frills, ascots, cravats, corsets, oh my.

    Links to clothing examples: http://www.gentlemansemporium.com/gentlemans.php // http://www.blanchesplace.com/id25.html

    Two-faced and enjoy gossiping
    Smart ass
    Rich Yuppies

    Scenery of the Region:


    History: When coming into the world, Blues had to do so with war. They fought against Classicals for the right for their own region. Their music styles changed enough that it wasn't the same nature as classical music. They pushed for their own region, and eventually it lead to war. The war was cut after 5 years, with a treaty, and a marriage of royal families. The treated stated that Blues would be treated as an autonomous region with equal status in government, within the classical region. It also included allowing for future creation of other regions assuming they had enough of a population. Since the marriage between the families, Blues has been on a good terms with Classical. After Blues was created, it lead way to another huge region, Rock.

    Sub-categories: Jazz, R&B, Soul

    Allies: Classical, Rock, Country
    Enemies: Techno

    About the Region: Blues region is rather laid back, and is considered like a more polite, pleasant Classical region. They're more friendly, fun, and relaxed. The Rockers has a particularly close relation to them, and see's them as a sort of father region. Because of the tug between both Classical and Rock, Blues often serves as a mediator and is incredibly tolerant. The stress of mediation often falls on the citizens as well as the politicians, and they tend to be more aware, and higher educated than any other region. They top Classicals in education, the original nation falling behind to second place.

    The only place Blues seems to have an issue with is Techno. The assassin who took out the king was suspected to be from the Techno region, and because of the close relation with Classical region it hit a sour chord. Since then they've been less than hospitable to visitors from there.

    On the topic of music, they are completely acceptable of others. If anything they protect new ideas from the overbearing judgement of the Classical region. The only people they really don't like are the Techno, since they feel the way they create music is cheating, and that music should be only up to the skill of the player, not technology.

    Typical Clothing:

    Think 1920's America clothing. Suspenders, flappers, pinstripes, wise-guys.
    Example clothing links: http://www.vintagetextile.com/gallery_1920s.htm //http://www.vintagedancer.com/1920s/1920-mens-clothing/

    -Seriously relaxed
    -Mildly pessimistic
    -Witty and Sarcastic

    Scenery of the Region:


    History: The region came into existence after Blues, and in a way took lots of it's style from it. Once it was really able to make it's own rhythm and style, it spread quickly, and seemed to almost be a phenomenon. While it competed with Jazz for attention, it was barely a competition after a few years as Rock got more than enough of a population and quickly became it's own region after only fifteen years.

    Sub-Categories: Punk, Scream-o, Metal

    Allies: Techno, Blues

    Enemies: Classical, Country

    About: What is there to say about the Rock Country? The capital city is the Vegas of the continent and they’re known as being wild partiers who tend to not know when to stop. While the higher up, better players and positions are filled by intelligent people, the same can’t be said for the rest of the inhabitants. The school system is second weakest, and despite being tied by the Blues Country they didn’t really get their attitude. Should someone be Classical or Country they might go out of their way to insult or give them a hard time, and disapprove of anything that tends to be too far away from them. Being loud is the way to be as far as their concerned, and when they have thoughts or emotions don’t be surprised if it’s not just shouted at you, but shouted through a microphone.

    Techno developed separately from Rock, but close to it, as the two grew up almost side by side. Rock found that the speaker systems invented by the earlier techies were what they really needed to boost up.

    Typical Clothing:
    Typical rock stars. Funny hair, ripped jeans, wrist band, piercings. You know.

    Example clothing links: http://www.tattooapparel.com/ // http://www.punkabilly.net/

    -Self centered
    -Party Crazy

    Scenery of the Region:


    History: The oldest region out of all the others, but is often not acknowledged due to being broken up more than any other region. It's almost down to families when it comes to unique instruments, styles, and traditions; everyone is different. However, there is one large group that managed to come together, in the southern half, that has united.

    For a long time the region was neutral in the affairs of others, not finding much of a connection between any other regions. They had little difficulty becoming a region, and never seem to have my against the classical region besides not agreeing with their ways. Their government structure is the weakest, and they mostly focus on family or small town relations (This goes for schooling as well, and other important lifestyles) . The Country Region only has one city in it, and even then, it's not as big as some of the smaller cities in other regions.

    Sub-Categories: Bluegrass, Rockabilly

    Allies: N/A (Neutral)

    Enemies: N/A (Neutral)

    About: With the incoming conflict between the other regions, Country had isolated itself more than ever. Since they don't necessarily feel that they have close connections to any of the other regions, they aren't ready to pick a side or do anything. In short, they would much rather be neutral, and have a sort of peace rather than any sort of conflict. Every town, village, and family has their own different traditions. They all manage to live in peace, but they don't necessarily get along together all the time since they're all so different.

    They aren't the smartest bunch, since they put more push on tradition and history than progress and new discoveries. Many people don't want to visit because it's country, no cities, and mostly outdated ways of living. Still, should push come to shove, certain families may choose sides, and support one or the other. The Country Region is the only one to not bother with the technology from Techno, and doesn't use it.

    Typical Clothing: Really, it's going to be either any sort of ethnic dress, or old American western clothing.

    Example Clothing links: http://www.fortwestern.com/store/home.php?cat=70 // http://www.wwmerc.com/cgi-bin/Category.cgi?category=4110&type=store


    Scenery of the Region:


    History: The Technics started out as part of the Rock Region, making the necessary technology for them like amps and such. For a long period of time they lived as part of Rock until they gained enough supporters and members to become their own region. Because they were once part of Rock, they are closest with them. Otherwise, they are seen as extremists who don't even make their own music by the Classicals.

    Sub-categories: Disco, rap, pop

    Allies: Rock

    Enemies: Classical, Blues

    About: Always changing, always pushing forwards, the Techno region is popular with a limited few. They focus on coming up with the newest technology to make life more productive. The majority doesn't enjoy the attitude the region has, but all of the useful creations they've invented makes it hard to ignore them. The money they make from their success helps fuel furthering their studies, creating new tools daily.

    Despite using their tools, the Classical region has grown irritated at such tools as auto-tune, and other creations that makes playing music require little to no skill. Many others have come to the same conclusion, including parts of the Blues and Country. Techno often has bashed heads with Classical, to the point where fighting is almost inevitable.

    [center]Typical Clothing:
    Club clothing, bright colors, tight fitting, and cyber clothing.

    Example clothing sites: http://shop.cyberdog.net/index.html // http://cryoflesh.com/shop/index.php



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