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    Special Groups

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    Rebels, Loyalists, Traitors, Oh My!

    Everywhere has its unique people, ones who are more important than the rest. Each group has it's own purpose, which are secret unto themselves...and you.

    These groups cannot be apped for. You cannot join them, if you have a fitting character, I will /offer/ them to you. So make a good/cool character and maybe I'll give you the spot. You can also make a note at the bottom of your profile that you'd like to be considered for it, but cannot demand it. Once one or more characters have been allowed to join it, and have established a leader, those members can then invite other members. You must be offered, no asking. Groups require numbers, meaning no one will be in these until we have enough people.

    Bellum Symphony:

    What You'll Know: The rebellion group everyone is talking about. The Classical nation has openly stated they believe this is a group with people from the Rock and Techno regions who are attempting a rebellion for independence, and to destroy the Classical Region. They are currently blamed for the assassination of the Classical King.

    The Truth: The group is actually made up of the higher ups in the Classical Empire who desire to get rid of a balanced equal ruling, and want the Classical Empire to go back to how it was before they allowed for regions to have equal power. By framing others desire for war, mainly Techno, they hope for it to turn in their favor, and crush the others into submission.


    What You Know: A mischievous group who pull off pranks on occasion. They play odd music, and are known for pulling off occasional concerts when they aren't supposed to.

    The Truth: Elite musicians who have pushed and manipulated the meta-physical tool to be used on typical house hold items. They make their instruments out of anything from large trashcans to keys, and are some of the deadliest fighters because of it. They began with no particular purpose besides being bored of being the best, but have moved on to try and figure out who is really causing trouble in the empire. They plan to stop them, by any means necessary.


    What You Know: Nothing, if you aren't a Techno citizen.

    The Truth: The top fighters and musicians in the Techno region. They intend to protect and keep the Techno region alive no matter what. They're suspicious of the Classical Region, and soon plan to sneak into it to find out whether or not the Empire plans to try to push them down. To keep their identities a secret, they wear circular masks with various "smilies" on them, and plain black capes.

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