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    Rules of RP


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    Rules of RP

    Post  Admin on Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:10 am


    1. This is a fantasy RP. Please, remember this, and bring any questions about the universe to me. I wrote a lot because I want to make everything about this place clear and understandable.

    2. Standards are semi-para at minimum, meaning 3-5 sentences at all time. No one liners.

    3. I will approve applications, do NOT Rp until I approve you. There will be no leniency in this. There is a maximum of 4 characters each per person. I hold the right to reject an app without reason if I want to. You can app one character at a time, and then wait two weeks before apping for another, to assure you'll really use the character you app for. If you start slacking on your first character after you have your second, you'll be cut off from being allowed more characters.

    4. Romance is allowed, but if I see people are only rping with their chosen other, I will send a warning. If you want to make out and rp with 90% of only each other, go to MSN.

    5. We run on real time. If a post starts on Tuesday, then it's Tuesday. On Wednesday you cannot make another post three weeks into the future. No, you have to wait three weeks.

    6. IC and OOC are different. Respect all players characters. If their character acts like a jerk, don't be mad at them. It's basic curtsy.

    7. No god-modding. For more information on how not to god-mod and how to fight click here:

    8. You might die. Don't want to die? Don't be an idiot. Fight with characters meant to fight, and don't be a drama queen by putting characters who can't in dangerous situations. Be realistic.

    9. If you plan to attack something, you cannot kill NPC's and such and feel like a bad-ass. If you're Techno planning to attack Classical or vise versa, you must attack in an already made thread. This way you have someone to /stop/ you and /fight/ you.

    10. Proper grammar is a must, obviously.

    11. With a warning you will be allowed to be inactive for one week. If you have a serious reason, it can be extended.

    12. Nothing that's 18+. Take it to PMs or IM or something.

    13. Look at the needed positions here:____ if you want an important part. However, try not to be inactive if you take an important part.

    14. Sues will be shot on spot. Your profile might not be a sue, but if I catch anything sue-ish after that or get complaints about someone being a sue, you have three strikes before I kill off your character in a violent manner.

    15. Pre-planning is nice when necessary, however, PLEASE DO NOT PRE-PLAN EVERYTHING. It keeps people in select groups, and is a larger version of the romance situation. Play nice, and play with everyone.

    16. I will make notes of activity. If I notice a character is not being used, I will ask you to drop them. You have one warning for inactivity, then you will have to give up the character. We cannot have people inactive, it will slow and possibly kill the plot line.

    17. This isn't as scary as it seems, I just like to run a clean cut RP. Then there's no holes or confusion.

    Have fun!

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