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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Post  Admin on Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:10 am


    Wait, where am I?
    You're in Concinentia. It's somewhere very far away from earth, and has nothign to do with earth. It's a fantasy setting, with fantasy values.

    Magical instruments?
    Its an instrument that can do something magical. Some of them are weapons, some of them are just normal tools for basic living.

    Why are the Countries named after types of music? What about the other music genres?
    Yeah, they are. It's based on the broad types of music they're based around. I used the most popular sort of music genres. The other genres are there, they're just smaller. I would ask you don't be a tool and pick a small genre, but it's okay if everyone doesn't do it.

    Your history of the music genres and stuff isn't accurate.
    I'm trying to be polite and stuff, but highlight white for how I feel about complaining on whether or not this stuff is realistic to history of music.
    Fuck off, this is a fantasy setting. If I want, fire can be cold. It's fantasy, and its MY fantasy.

    Whats the difference between the regions beside the music?
    Plus their cultural differences, the regions are different with their dress and architecture mostly. Classical is old fashioned, old dressed, while Techno is futuristic in dress and architecture, etc. I'll upload fashion for each region later.

    So, how does the character limit work?
    It's not as hard as it seems. You app one character at a time. Two weeks later you are allowed to app for another. I'll approve it if I see you've been active and productive in the RP. It repeats like that for 4 characters. A character can sit waiting to be approved depending on how active you are.

    Whats up with those sub-categories?
    Since some parts of music are distinct and unique, I allow subcategories. I would love to see an obnoxious pop-star baby or a traditional rocker Elvis like person. However, I don't want people going crazy. You're allowed only ONE subcategory character, and can only use the subcategories I have in there. If you want me to change that, then suggest a new subcategory to me.

    I'm confused. Something isn't explained enough.
    IM me on MSN. I'm almost always on that, or YIM. I'll fix whatever you're confused about and update it on here so that everyone else can know too.
    MSN: amikthxbai@live.com
    YIM: cascogirl1@yahoo.com

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