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    I hope that none of these occur, and trust me you will get ample warnings before anything happens. For every punishment I promise you'll be warned once or twice, maybe three times, before any of these are put into effect.

    1. Inactivity: This is a big pet peeve. I'm just as aware that we have real lives, but I do ask that you do not let threads hang. If you've grown bored with the RP, that's fine. Just leave, don't hang around and slow down the RP. Remember to post at least three to four times a week minimum.

    2. Mary Sues: If your profile is approved, but I get complains about your character, (at least two or three) then I will look into it. If I find they're right, then I will warn you about not doing whatever it is you did and give you a chance to change. You have three chances to fix your character before I will remove them from the RP.

    3. Godmodding: Same as above. Three chances to god-mod before I take the character out of commission.

    4. Only Rping with select few: You wont get banned for this, but if I catch you specifically only rping with one or two people, the punishment will be to join threads I assign to make more connections. I'll probably mess with you if I have to do this.

    5. Being rude/offensive: Three strikes of irritating people or pissing them off, then you're out.

    6. 18+ content: One warning, then it'll be a two week ban.

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