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    Profile Skeleton

    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:40 am

    Fill out all of it please, and then post the topic in applications with your characters name. I would prefer if you use an image appearance that it's your own artwork in some way. Otherwise, please fill out the other information.

    Also, you might want to remember to read (or at least skim) this stuff before doing up your profile:
    How Instruments Work Here
    The Nations of the Land
    Basic Rules
    More in Depth Answers for Rules

    Name: (First and Last)
    Image Appearance: (If none answer the rest below)
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Other aspects: (Anything the above information doesn't cover, scars, deformities, etc.)
    Sexuality: (Anything is fine, but I don't want to see an influx of gay males.)
    Country: (Rock, Country, Techno, Classical, or Blues)
    Occupation: (It can be anything. If you want to fight...make this realistic again)
    Group: (empty until assigned if ever)
    Instrument(+ what it does):
    Strengths: (Be realistic here)
    Weaknesses: (And here)
    Anything Else:

    If there's any question about it, there's my msn: amikthxbai@live.com

    After you post it in a new thread, an admin will approve or reject it. If it is rejected the admins hold the right to not tell you why and not give you a second chance to fix it if it's just that bad. Troll characters created purely for shock and awe are not welcome. Sue's will not be approved either.

    To calm everyone's nerves, here's an example profile with the bare minimum.

    Name: Classical Dude
    Age: 25
    Image Appearance:
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair color: black
    Eye color: black
    Clothing: Officers Uniform (I'm uploading his uniform if anyone wants to be in the militaryyy. Outfit is the same for men and women)
    Other aspects:
    Skin: white
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Country: Classical
    Occupation: Officer in army
    Group: N/A
    Personality: A sweet guy who is utterly loyal to his nation. He tries his best to do what is right, and feels sometimes conflicted over the decisions that are made. Classical Dude is only rude when people are rude to him, but sometimes he becomes nervous and judgmental over people from other regions.
    Likes: bananas and stuff
    Dislikes: apples and stuff
    Background: He was raised in rural Classical, to a loving mother and father of middle class. Classical dude was happy for his childhood, but didn’t want to stay there. He desired to go out to the city, and when he became of age he did. Then he joined up with the military when he couldn’t afford the city life style. It didn’t take him long to adjust, and as troubles came to the empire, he became more loyal, ready to serve his nation.
    Instrument: Piano keyboard: each key can turn into a dagger, but its hard to transport sometimes so he wears it on his back.
    Strengths: Talkative
    Weaknesses: Shy
    Anything Else: This is the bare minimum for a profile, just to tell ya.

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