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    The Storyline

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    Chaos is on the brink for the Classical Empire.

    A year ago the king was assassinated, and trouble has been about ever since. The queen has taken the throne in the meantime, grooming the sickly young prince to try and take the throne as soon as possible. While the Empire shuffles to figure out what they should do with their figure heads and positions of power, the autonomous regions under it are in the midst of turmoil themselves as they try to decide whether or not to capsize on the weakened central government.

    Rumours of a rebellious group called the "Bellum Symphonicus" (The War Symphony) has spread, with the intents being to bring down the current Empire. Most believe the group originates in the Techno region. Because of that, those who have a desire to break the system have started to go search for the group. Whether or not it exists is unclear due to the lack of action from it, although some point the blame of the recent assassination of the king on them.

    The somewhat large influx of immigration to the Techno region to try and find the rebellion has the already weakened government nervous, and upping their restrictions making it harder to travel. Recent laws have gone into place which state fore harsher rulings and punishments for those thought to be associated with any sort of violent organization against them. In result people that over the past few years were neutral and docile have started to become agitated and pick sides in the upcoming political or physical battles. Some blame the rebels for causing unnecessary trouble and putting fear into the government, and others blame the government for already being unfair in the first place.

    Is the government corrupt, or is the the underground group created purely for the sake of secret political gain? Choose wisely.


    Now that you know whats going on how about I introduce you to the world as it is…

    This is not earth. You could be a million lightyears away, or just in an alternate universe. Either way, toto this doesn’t look like Kansas anymore. So, everything about earth does not apply here. All cultures and lands once known do not exist. However, the music does.

    Why the music?

    Well, technically it’s not even our music. Still, for the sake of it being straightforward and understandable, I kept the names of the styles of music as what we would call them. How music formed for us is not quite how it formed for them, and how we view it is not how they view it. Music is not a form of entertainment, it’s a form of life. It is used in every daily aspect of everyone’s life to perform most major tasks. Whatever a persons job is, they undoubtedly use their instrument or music to do it.

    While parts of life do remain the same in many ways (There are ovens to cook, electricity for air conditioners when it’s hot…) it does not function the same as it would here. Their old gears and outdated energy forms were music boxes that would need to be cranked, but with new coming technology from the Techno region life has become considerably easier and much more like our current state of being.

    The history of our music is relatable to their history though.

    The oldest and somewhat prehistoric form of music was hymns in both our and setting of the RP. It was loose and a very small, but since voices were not instruments it became a lesser form of music when classical period came around and instruments came into play. As populations grew Classical split from people who began to play blues, and from blues split jazz, rock and roll, and various others. As time went on and others began to come up with other creative forms of styles which could help them do special things, more styles showed up.

    As for now the major players that have autonomous rule over themselves in an otherwise seemingly fair aequaocracy. (IF SOMEONE KNOWS THE PROPER TERM FOR IT…The government is half ruled by the king half ruled by parliament. Both have equal power in pull and if an agreement can’t be founded upon no action can be taken. SO IF THERE’S A NAME FOR IT….IF NOT I MADE ONE UP. )) Those that have a considerable pull and all representative leaders for the parliament are:

    Techno and

    There will be an entire separate post dedicated to each of them and explaining them and their own cultures. Instead of cultures influencing music, how they use music and how music has shaped their lives instead influences them. The music is in more control than the person. The music isn't just music, it's life.

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