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    Mihail Lukavich Slepinsky [APP]


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    Mihail Lukavich Slepinsky [APP]

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    Name: Mihail Lukavich Slepinsky
    Age: 31
    Image Appearance: (If none answer the rest below) You’ll get one of these later, shhh. . . He’s my icon anyway.
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 126lbs
    Hair color: Red-brown
    Eye color: Pink
    Other aspects: (Anything the above information doesn't cover, scars, deformities, etc.)
    Skin: Caucasian?
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: asexual/ pan-romantic asexual
    Country: Classical
    Occupation: First in command of External affairs [national security]

    Group: N/A
    Personality: Mihail is a very cold and aloof man to most people and rarely shows anything other than his usual blank facial expression. For the most part though his general lack of caring means he’s rather indiscriminate for an upper class classical. Though usually quiet Mihail can have moments where he won’t shut up and wont generally get hints or implications of anything, including wanting him to shut up. He also has a pretty cruel streak and will mess with people given a good opportunity, even going as far as using people (usually prisoners of war he’s meant to be interrogating) as test subjects for the songs he’s written to see what needs to be done to improve the songs. As a pretty docile person he usually won’t fight unless he really has to and he’s really hard to provoke.

    Likes: reading, intelligent discussions, learning new songs, watching people’s reactions to things
    Dislikes: Alcohol, loud/obnoxious people, people that don’t understand personal space,
    Background: The youngest of four Mihail was raised in a large country house and taught privately by his father, like the rest of his siblings. Though being the slight brat he was as a child he would rarely focus on practising with his element in favour of learning new songs, much to his father’s annoyance. When he was seventeen he decided that he’d rather finish his tutoring in the city and moved there without his family and lied about his age so he wouldn’t have to be there for as long. When he finished his schooling he went for a position in government, ending up in his father’s position when he retired.
    Instrument: Violin (Illusionary)
    Strengths: The number of songs he knows probably numbers in the thousands by now, near photographic memory, pretty awesome at what he does, doesn’t feel pity or guilt, can write his own songs
    Weaknesses: look at this man. He is a stick. Lacking in the element department due to spending more time learning songs so if you can get out of the illusions you’re pretty much home free, actually fairly easy to trick when it comes to emotions/ when people are lying unless he knows for a fact that they’re telling a lie, what are social skills?
    Anything Else: I still feel weird giving him the same job as in the comic, hnghh.

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    Re: Mihail Lukavich Slepinsky [APP]

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