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    Peyton Firth [APP]


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    Peyton Firth [APP]

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    Name: Peyton Firth
    Age: 26
    Image Appearance: Temporary eyesore.
    Height: 5"9
    Weight: 190
    Hair color: Black, with various colors of streaks in it-- primarily magenta and green
    Eye color: Dark brown/Black
    Clothing: Flamboyantly colored accessories such as arm bands and necklaces. He usually wears two differently-colored wife-beaters at a time. His pants are usually black with different colors painted or printed on them, such as green stripes or pink splatters. He also has an affection for medical fashion masks.
    Other aspects: Peyton has various tattoos, mostly hidden. He has a skull tattooed behind his ear, for example. They're their as his own secrets, essentially.
    Skin: A light brown/tan color, with dark freckles across his cheeks

    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: For the most part, he doesn't lean strongly towards either gender, and prefers to remain sexually ambiguous. (Romance is not a priority for him.)
    Country: Techno
    Occupation: A welder.
    Group: (empty until assigned if ever)

    Personality: Peyton is loud and rather obnoxious when it comes to certain things. Personal space is usually abided by, but when in his presence, it's best not to be surprised if he flings an arm around you, or disregards it entirely. He's not intentionally overbearing, he just has quite a bit of enthusiasm and a mind for creation and a lot of wit. However, he's not good at reading the atmosphere for most things. This includes when he's getting on someone's nerves, or when someone wants him to leave an area.

    Likes: The city and city lights, graffiti-styled art, most things electronic and all things colorful
    Dislikes: Formalities including titles such as "mister" and "misses," libraries and other quiet places, remote areas

    Background: Even when he was little, Peyton was a bit of a trouble maker. Whether it was hiding from his parents when it was time to do chores, or pulling out all of the books off of library shelves just to see the reactions of others, Peyton was causing a ruckus. Throughout school, he did well with grades but rarely well in structured class atmospheres. Due to his need for constant engagement (and quite frankly, his craving for attention), he earned either the affections of some teachers who found his energy endearing, or the disapproval of most for his interruptions. By the age of eighteen, Peyton began focusing most of his extra energy on creations, finding a great inspiration to help in the advancement of just about anything. With a passion for building and creation, he's calmed down just a bit from his earlier years due to late nights of building and and dreaming new inventions.

    Instrument(+ what it does): Laser violin; it turns into his welding equipment
    Strengths: Creation and a strong will to accomplish personal goals
    Weaknesses: Lack of the ability to read an atmosphere, and a profound inability to focus on one thing for two long, with the exception of only his own creations
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    Re: Peyton Firth [APP]

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